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From the Desk of Nick Ortner

NY Times best-selling author of "The Tapping Solution"

Dear Friend,

I'm so excited you're here!   You're about to get unlimited access to a life-changing, 100% content, free online event! 

This event - the Pain Relief World Summit - will guide you in transforming your emotional and physical health, in a way you've likely never experienced before.

It will show you how to use a simple, powerful and extremely effective technique known as "Tapping" to eliminate your physical pain. Even if you've been told that your pain is because of a "physical" issue, like a slipped disc, or nerve damage, or degeneration, you can still get lasting relief...

If you're one of the over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, or one of the millions of others suffering around the world, you've probably looked far and wide for a solution to give you relief.  And you've likely been constantly frustrated with trying different things like medication, massage, chiropractic, surgeries and more with minimal results.

But on this page I'll outline exactly why people are turning to Tapping to eliminate their physical pain and why this technique works when others don't...

And I'll show you how with this free online event, the Pain Relief World Summit, you'll finally find a solution to help you eliminate or at the very least reduce your levels of physical pain... 
Here's Why Tapping Works So Well for Pain Relief When Other Things Fail and What You'll Learn About in the Summit
Research shows that physical pain is in fact often caused by unresolved emotional challenges through two major mechanisms:
Mechanism #1 is that it leads to chronic tension and spasm of the muscles. And when the muscles spasm consistently over time, there is less blood supply and lower oxygen levels in the muscle tissues, and that causes a lot of pain. 

Mechanism #2 is that when people are in a chronic fight or flight state because of constant stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other negative emotions, stress hormones are released into the body that cause hypersensitivity of the nerves. And when the nerves are more sensitive, everything just hurts more.   

Beyond these two mechanisms, the reality is that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves, and they are in fact always healing themselves, except when we turn off the natural repair mechanisms because of negative emotions.   The work of Dr. Bruce Lipton has shown that when the body is in a state of stress, cells go into a protection/survival mode. 

So not only do our negative emotions cause physical pain, they also keep the body from being able to go into a healing state. 

The good news though is that EFT Tapping works to process unresolved emotions, and thus release physical pain...
Here's how Tapping on different points of the body can release physical pain...
When we tap on these endpoints of meridians of our bodies, while focusing on the emotional challenges, we send a calming signal to the amygdala of the brain. The amygdala is a part of the limbic system in the brain.  It plays a key role in processing emotions and is where the fight, flight or freeze response is located in the brain. 

When we tap, it lets the amygdala know that it's safe, allowing the emotional challenges to process and thus release physical pain.

The latest research is proving that when you use EFT Tapping to shift your unconscious beliefs and emotions, you shift the chemicals being released into the body. In doing so, you are literally able to shift your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy levels and more... all leading to the release of physical pain from the body!

We thus stop the things that are triggering physical pain with the tapping, and we allow the body to go into a state of healing. This is why Tapping is so effective when so many other things are not!
Think about any challenges you're currently dealing with, whether they're with your finances, health, weight, relationships, with the physical pain itself, with past traumas, or whatever else you're struggling with...
Think of any and all of the emotional challenges that could be leading to your physical pain.  Remember, even though it may not seem that these things are connected, research shows that they are.

Imagine, for just a second, what it would be like if you didn't have these stressors.  Take a deep breath for just a moment and feel what life might be like if you weren't stressed by these things.

Just the simple act of taking a deep breath feels good on your body right?  You can feel it relax your body and release tension.  Imagine if your body could breathe like that all the time.  Without the tension of every day stress, and all of the unconscious traumas we carry from our past.

This is what Tapping does so beautifully.

It is scientifically proven to lower stress levels, and bring the nervous system into a parasympathetic state, more commonly known as the relaxation response.  When we get our bodies to live in this state more often, we allow it to heal itself.  And we allow it to release physical pain from our bodies. 

This is why Tapping works when other things fail! And when you experience The Pain Relief World Summit, you'll get to actually feel the difference for yourself.
See the results for yourself!  Check out this video of how people have released physical pain using EFT Tapping... 
Hear What Past Summit Attendees Have to Say!
I want you to be able to do what so many people have done with Tapping, which is to eliminate or at very least drastically reduce your physical pain in a short period of time, in a way that is simple and effective...
I've brought together the world's leading EFT Tapping experts from around the world, to guide you in reducing your physical pain, so that you can create the life that you truly desire.
A life where you are pain free and able to pursue the things you want like financial success... the weight, body and health you deserve... deep and meaningful relationships... and a level of stress that is normal and healthy. I want to help you create a life that is truly fulfilling at its core.

That's what the Pain Relief World Summit is all about and that's why...
I've brought together the world's leading EFT Tapping experts to share their knowledge in 12 content-packed presentations! Here are the speakers and topics..
See what experts in different fields are saying about EFT Tapping!
Here's the structure of this program and how you can get unlimited access to these expert Tapping presentations...

Here's How You'll Get Access:

The Tapping World Summit is a Virtual Online Event that used an...

Online Audio Player

The event itself ran for six consecutive days between Monday, November 1st, through Sunday, November 7th, where there were two 100% content only presentations every day (I hope you were able to attend the live portion of the event!)

Additional 24 Hours to Listen!

These sessions were made available for ONLY 24 HOURS for free after their initial broadcast.

The reason I structured the event this way was because I wanted everyone to be able to access this information regardless of time zone or financial ability.

It was all available to stream for FREE for 6 days only! But don’t worry, you can still get access...
How to Get Unlimited Access:
As I mentioned above, each presentation was available for free 24 HOURS after their initial broadcast!
But here's the thing...
  • If you think you'd like to listen even just one more time...
  • Or if you want to be able to share the presentations with friends or family...
  • Or if you want to be able to listen to the presentations at any time on the go, on your portable devices when you're in the car, working out, or running errands...
  • ​Or if you want to be able to really work on an issue by listening and tapping along several times...
  • Or if you want to listen to the Tapping Meditations that go along with each day...
  • Or if you want to read the transcripts of each presentation to really have it sink in...
  • Or if you want to do the workbook exercises that each expert put to go along with their presentations...
  • ​Or if you want to listen to any of the 6 bonus presentations...
You will only be able to do so if you take advantage of our Special Upgrade Package offer...
Investing in the MP3s, Workbooks and Transcripts of the event will allow you to listen in over and over again to "download" and embed the information into your subconscious for maximum results.  You'll be able to listen to the experts in your car, at the gym, at work, or anywhere you can take your MP3 player!

This will allow you to go deep, uncovering and releasing the different layers that are keeping your pain stuck!  And it will help you ensure that hold habits and patterns don't come back, to keep the pain from coming back!  :)
Save Up to 70%...
Get Lifetime Access to the Expert Interviews, Plus the Workbook, Tapping Meditations, and Bonus Presentations...
The Free Level Access to the Pain World Summit can be life-changing. It can create dramatic shifts in how you feel and act every day.

But why settle for only having access to this life-changing information for 6 days? Those that succeed most don't just listen once and then file the information away.

They devour the information and they do the tapping over and over again, getting new distinctions and creating change with the Tapping every time.
The upgrade access to the event take the Pain Relief World Summit to a whole new level.
Get Lifetime Access to the Expert Interviews, Plus the Workbook, Tapping Meditations, and Bonus Presentations...
Here's what you get when you upgrade your access level, and take the event home with you...
#1: Complete Download Access to all 12 Event Presentations with the Gold Access
Listen to and tap-along with all of the powerful event presentations after the event is over.
If you want to get bigger results, and go deeper, then upgrading will give you the opportunity to do so.
#2: The Over 180 Page Workbook Which Goes Along With Each Individual Presentation from the Summit
Want to go even deeper with the information you'll learn in each presentation? When you upgrade you'll get access to the over 180 pages of workbooks that are specifically designed to go along with each of the 12 presentations in PDF format
Each speaker from the summit has contributed to this powerful workbook to help you maximize your results with Tapping.

You'll be amazed at what you uncover as you go through the questions and tapping scripts provided. These have been designed to help you release physical pain in your body and keep it from coming back!  
#3: 6 Tapping Meditations to go along with each day's presentations
You’ll get access to 6 Tapping Meditations, recorded by Jessica and Nick Ortner, to go along with each day of the summit.
You’ll be able to use this to reinforce the lessons from each day's presentations as well as to work on new issues that come up.
You'll Also Get These Special Bonuses!
6 Bonus Presentations:
New Special Bonuses!
Additional Bonuses!

10 Guided Tapping Meditations

New Special Bonuses!
10 Guided Tapping Meditations
Here's what supporters of The Pain Relief World Summit have to say about Tapping...
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