For Those Who Are Serious About Creating A Better Life...
Here's How to transform your habits, Increase your productivity, shift Your emotions and Finally make your dreams a reality!  Introducing... 
The Tapping Solution Planner
This Is Much More Than Just a Planner 
It's a System to Transform Your Energy, Focus, Habits, Confidence, Emotions, Mindset, Productivity, Results in Life and Much More...  
How many times have you said to yourself... 
"This is it. It's time to get organized and get my life on track"? 
And then maybe you had one great day, or two great days, or even a few great weeks, before everything fell apart... 

Only to then feel disappointed, frustrated and possibly even ashamed of yourself when you realized days, weeks, months or even years had gone by and that your life wasn't going in the direction you wanted? 

What's the point in making to-do lists, getting organized, and using different strategies for improving our lives if we can't get ourselves to do them?  If we're stuck in patterns of fear, lack, stress, and all the other negative emotions, beliefs, and traumas that can keep us all from moving our lives forward...

But what if there was finally a way to get off the roller-coaster ride of trying to improve your results and how you feel in life, to get to the core of what was holding you back? 

A way to rewire your brain to release negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, resentment, and sadness. A way to release self-doubt, fears of rejection, and build rock solid confidence to move your life forward... 

So that you could finally get yourself to take action on the things you want to do that move your closer to YOUR dreams.

Well... now there is!!  

You see... 

The Tapping Solution Planner Combines the Power of EFT Tapping With Other Powerful Processes Like

Goal Setting, Dream Building, Planning & Scheduling, Habit Tracking, Daily Affirmations, and More

To Finally Get YOU the Results You're Looking For!  

Here's Why The Tapping Solution Planner is Different...
You'll Dream Big, Set Goals, and Plan Out Your Road to Success...
Before we get to using the power of EFT Tapping to transform your life in this planner, we'll need to figure out what you want to transform!

After all, we can’t start a journey without knowing the destination we’re trying to reach! So we'll use the "Goal Setting," "My Next 10 Years" and "My Next 90 Days" pages to dream… and to dream BIG!

On the "Goal Setting" pages you'll outline your goals in all areas of life, from your finances, to your career, business, health, relationships and more.  You'll also learn the 4 key principles you need to follow whenever you're setting a goal to unlock your subconscious mind's ability to turn your dreams into reality. 

After you've outlined your goals, we'll start to envision how these goals will play out over the next 10 years, 5 years, 1 year and 90 days and outline an action plan for the next 90 days!  Through this process you'll get clear on what you want your life to become and who YOU want to become

And don't worry if you don't know where you want to take things right now.  You'll be guided in the process and you can always change your plan.  After all... it's your life!  

"Tapping has vastly improved the quality of my life and my work. Don’t miss this healing opportunity. It could not only transform your life, it could also save it."
New York Times Best-selling author
You'll Then Go Through a Powerful Morning Process That Includes Tapping to Set You On the Right Path Each Day...
You'll calm your nervous system, release self-doubt and build confidence, release fears of rejection, become present, get clarity on the projects and tasks that matter, connect to your why, and create life balance. 

All of that... happens with The Tapping Solution Morning Process!

Self motivation and willpower will only ever get us so far.  When we don't have a process to release our negative emotions, fears, limiting beliefs and more on a daily basis, we all lose motivation and eventually fall back into bad habits.

In The Tapping Solution Planner Morning Process you'll build a morning routine that keeps you feeling calm, focused and in control of your life!

"In my own life Tapping has been phenomenal.  To the point where my 5 year income levels have been materialized literally within a year.  It's almost magical!  Once you're able to understand what's blocking you and get rid of those things... then you're able to manifest anything you want in your own life."
Dr. Joseph Mercola
You'll Also Go Through A Transformative Evening Process Where You Journal, Review Your Day, Connect With Gratitude, and Tap to Prepare Your Body and Mind for a Good Night of Sleep and Rejuvenation... 
It's no secret that our society is moving at a faster pace than ever before in history.  This has lead to more stress, anxiety and overwhelm and unfortunately... more sleep issues.

And when you struggle with sleep, your ability to have the energy, focus and brain function you need the next day is greatly diminished. 

That's why it's so critical to understand that how you end your day is just as important as how you start it.  Without a good night's sleep, creating the life you want becomes exponentially more difficult.

That's why the Tapping Solution Planner Evening Process is SO helpful.  

Having an evening Tapping practice allows you to release the stresses of the day, calm the amygdala down, calm the nervous system down, and prepare for a restful rejuvenating night of sleep for your brain and body. 
"Look, here's the deal, you're unconsciously focusing on your fear all the time. It's your subconscious that needs to get reprogrammed. By focusing on it for a little bit of time [with EFT Tapping] we can get rid of it so it's not unconsciously running you."
Jack Canfield
 New York Times Best-selling author
Then You'll Stay on Track or Course Correct by Reviewing Your Results, Challenges, Habits, and Life Balance With the 10 Entry Review Pages...
It’s always important to review our progress. What’s going well, what’s not, and how we can improve. 

A lot of planners do this on a weekly basis, but over the years, in my own experience, I had one major frustration with the planners I used… empty pages! 

You miss a few days, have empty pages, and have to move on or it will throw off your weekly reviews! And inevitably, you feel like half your planner is empty and that you’re failing. :( 

That’s why in this planner the review process happens every 10 entries, regardless of whether you did them 10 days in a row, over 2 weeks, or over 3 months (but of course try not to make it 3 months!). 

In the 10 Entry Review, you'll both acknowledge what your successes have been and also review what challenges you've had to figure out what you can do better over the coming 10 day period. 
“I am a spiritual technician. I believe that there are technologies and practices that support us in keeping our energy up and keeping our energy clear. Tapping for me is definitely one of those technologies!”
Iyanla Vanzant
Lastly, You'll Track Your Habits, Create and Read Daily Affirmations and Use Brain Dump to Action Plan Pages to Keep You Focused and Moving Forward...
Everyone loves extra goodies right?  :)  Also included in the Tapping Solution Planner are...

Habit Tracker Pages to help you set up to 10 different habits that you'd like to track over a month. You'll set a target goal for the month, track it each day, and then see how you did at the end of the month. 

Brain Dump to Action Plan Pages to help you get your ideas out of your head and onto paper.  With these pages and the simple process outlined on them you'll get clear on which things you want to do, and which things you want to push aside. 

A Daily Affirmations Page to write out daily affirmations that you'd like to read out loud and affirm to yourself every day!

Thoughts and Doodles Pages to take notes, write down ideas, or just doodle! 
Created by Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Coach, Alex Ortner
The Tapping Solution Planner was created by author, speaker, coach, and co-owner of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping Solution App, Alex Ortner.  

Along with his brother Nick and sister Jessica, Alex has worked to bring into the mainstream a simple, effective, natural healing method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping.”

He has produced first-of-their-kind online programs such as The Tapping World Summit, a free annual worldwide online event that has been attended by over 3 million people over the last 12 years and the recently released The Tapping Solution App, which features easy to follow Tapping Meditations.

Now, with The Tapping Solution Planner, he's working to help others to build consistency and incorporate Tapping into their day more easily to create longer-lasting, more impactful results. 

Alex lives in Newtown, CT with his wife Karen and three children, Malakai, Lucas and Olivia.

When You Purchase a Tapping Solution Planner today, you'll also get access to these special bonuses, valued at $47...
Unlimited Access to the Newly Released "The Productivity Accelerator" Program by Alex Ortner - #197 Value
In this 8 module program Alex will guide you step-by-step in showing you both strategic and mindset shifts you can implement immediately to maximize your productivity.  He'll cover this such as...
  • The 4 key steps to building your vision for the next 90 days, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years
  • How to best use Tapping in your morning practice to create energy and focus for your day
  • The 3 step morning tapping process to ensure you show up as your best self every day 
  • ​How to finally overcome your inner critic
  • ​How a simple 2 week review process can ensure that you stay on track with your goals
  • ​Step-by-step instructions on how to build off of your successes to recreate future success
  • ​How to use Tapping to calm anxiety, clean up your past, and create the future you desire
3 Special Masterclass Presentations to Maximize Your Results... $47 Value
We've hand selected 3 powerful masterclass presentations for you that are normally only available inside of our Tapping World Summit Packages...
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  • How to Use Tapping to Improve Clarity, Focus, and Productivity to Create the Success You Deserve - presented by Alex Ortner - $16 Value
  • Creating Lasting Change: How to Get Unstuck and Create Change with Ease - presented by New York Times best-selling author Jessica Ortner - $16 Value
Access to the The Private Tapping Solution Planner Community
Community is an incredibly powerful component in our growth. Make sure to surround yourself with like-minded people that also want to transform their life with out Tapping Solution Planner in our Private Facebook Group to help you moving forward!

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(IMPORTANT: Each planner contains 60 "Daily Pages" - How long that lasts depends on how you use it. If you use the daily pages every day, it will last 60 days (or roughly 2 months). If you only use the daily pages during the 5 work days of the week (recommended), then it lasts roughly 3 months. Every planner also has 3 months of calendar pages.)


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